During highschool I spent one evening a week at the Muirtown Locks in Inverness assisting teenagers with eyesight impairment to kayak. 
My role was to sit in the double kayak with them and help navigate. I was also assisting the leader of the club in games and challenges that we used to allow the participants to overcome some fears and more importantly to have fun and try something new.


In 6th year of highschool I spent my free period volunteering in The Unit. 
Here I assisted two students with many activities including a performance of a play. One of the girls did not have the ability of speech so communicated through a computer similar to Professor Stephen Hawking's so I helped her adjust this and fix this whenever she needed. Seeing how computer aids could be so vital to someone was one reason why I chose to go into computing.


I helped out at a Scottish spin on Bavaria's Oktoberfest over 2 days. 
On arrival at the site I was in charge of directing traffic to parking. I went on to painting and setting up stalls, moving hay bails and finally serving drinks to the hundreds in attendance. 
The second day I was on bar again working hard to help make Jocktoberfest a success.