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The goal for this module was to create an original 3D model of a hotel, art gallery or museum and placing it in an environment with realistic lighting systems. This was to be completed using 3ds Max before making minor edits in Adobe Photoshop.
I chose to create a very gritty, concrete building with large windows and peculiar architecture.


For my Honours project I created an interactive projection mapping where a dancer would appear to influence light. After brainstorming, story-boarding and sourcing of dancer and equipment I filmed a dancer perform a routine. This footage would then go on to become the base layer for myself to build effects on top of using Adobe After Effects. These effects were then projected on to the dancer performing the exact same routine and this in turn was filmed. A Behind the Scenes video can be viewed here. The final video can be viewed here.


The goal for Audio & Video Production was to create a short 1 minute to 2 minute video where the premise was entering a new world through a door. My idea was to have a character (played by myself) that would enter an elevator after work and be transported to the wild west in the 1800's. The background was created using 3 different free images and adding some dust effect with the paint brush in Photoshop. The video was completed using DSLR cameras, a portable green screen, Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects and Audacity. The final video can be viewed here.


Using Unity, I was tasked with creating any kind of game that I could think of. It could be 2D or 3D and be any genre that I wished. So, I decided to create a 3D open world RPG horror game inspired by the likes of Slender and Amnesia. The game is played in 1st person, at night and the task is to collect orbs that power the flashlight. When stepping into certain areas of the map, monsters appear and the game is over.


This module required me to come up with a character for a 30 second animation, model that character and then animate it. The modelling and animation were both done in 3ds Max with final touches added in Adobe Premiere Pro. To begin with my model did not animate properly so I began again with new model and it worked much better.


For this module we were thrown into the world of business, finance and entrepreneurship and tasked with thinking of a product and how we would go about launching the product. I thought of a device that could detect any allergen in food and send the details to an app on a smartphone. We didn't have to create this product in its entirety but we did have to come up with a Minimum Viable Product and present this in a short video that can be seen here. A business plan was also developed and finances outlined.


My task was to create a multimedia home entertainment centre as an AIR Application using Actionscript 3.0, XML and SQLite. The application had to contain images, videos, music, visualisations and animations. The theme I chose was snowsports.


In previous modules we had focused on design in a way that was pleasing to look at but in this module the main focus was on the practicality for the user. My focus was looking at the physical and sociological issues that users face when interacting with a system. For this module I chose people who were suffering from arthritis in their hands and my design was a keyboard connection for phones that was more user friendly than the small buttons currently on mobile devices.


This module is where I learned the design process for an animation. Everything from research to scripting to composition. I also learned the 12 principles of animation laid down by Disney in the 1930's. For this module I created a short animation of a robot who sees a Christmas present for itself and opens it to find one of those toy robotic dogs. The animation was 2D and uses some of the principles that I was taught.


Design Principles & Context was the module that focused on Graphic Design and the Six Principles of Graphic Design. I focused on layout, colour and when and where to use it, fonts, typography and symbolism. I created a Wix website which showcases the work I did for this module. You can view that website here.


Creating a "web page" in Flash that was both visually appealing and user friendly was the aim of this module. The task was to create a few pages that were linked by buttons. The pages were then assessed using CogTool. When issues were flagged they were corrected and tested again and again until the best result was found.


The Web Application Development module focused on the back-end websites. My goal was to link a site created with PHP to an SQL database that could be inserted into by users of the site and have things deleted by an admin. The website did not have to look good but was to function properly.

The site can be reached here.


For this module I worked in a team to develop a 2D game prototype using Adobe Flash. Our goal was to plan, organise and keep meeting minutes throughout this project. A video run-through of the game was also created to potentially sell our product to an interested buyer or investor. My main role was designing much of the artwork that can be seen in the game including the main character, the scary clown and the monster. I created the sketches of these characters and edited them in coloured them in Photoshop and Illustrator apart from the monster. I also contributed to the overall theme and planning.

This video can be found here.


In 3rd year we were tasked with completing a project that would be similar to our Honours Project in 4th year. Our lecturer gave us free reign on what we did as long as it was Projection Mapping. The projection would have to take place on a building in the Aberdeen area. I decided to film Aberdeen and project these images on to the Triple Kirk's building in the city centre. This project required a lot of storyboarding and planning to capture the shots that I wished to have. Countless hours were spent cycling around Aberdeen and many hours spent sitting in one spot to capture the sunrise and sunset. Premiere Pro and After Effects were integral in completing my project.

The final video can be seen here.


The task was to create a solution that would allow drivers to text safely whilst driving. In order to find the best solution I had to look at who would benefit from this technology. To do this I used walkthroughs, user scenarios, conceptual diagrams and storyboards. The bulk of this module was theoretical and assessed through examination.



Inverness, Scotland



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