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The Boring Legal Stuff

By working with RedBeard Productions you agree to the Terms & Conditions laid out below.


1.1 Any invoices that are not paid within 30 days of the date of invoice will incur a penalty fee of 5% of the outstanding balance per week.
1.2 We may ask to charge a 50% fee upfront once the project has been approved. The remaining balance will be submitted upon completion and final sign off.


2.1 We tend to charge by the day. Occasionally we charge by the hour. If charging daily, we will break our time down into half or quarter days. Overtime or any additional out of contract amendments will be charged hourly.

2.2 A full day of editing, filming, animation or pre-production refers to work carried out by Cameron. Any additional members of crew required will be outlined as additional costs and subject to an admin fee or prep time.

2.3 One full day of filming refers to 8 hours of work carried out on location. Travel time base-to-base from our Inverness office is included in the working day. Effectively, the work starts and ends when we leave and arrive back in our office. Travel fees of £0.45 per pile will be applicable. Half a day of filming denotes >4 hours work away from our office. Work that exceeds this will be categorised as 1 full day.

2.4 A full day of editing refers to 8 hours work. Expedited editing is also offered at a tailored rate, bespoke to the individual, client or project. We will break edit days into quarters.
2.5 We may work across a number of days with fragmented hours to form ‘one full day’. All time will be tracked and logged.

2.6 Each project is priced depending on a number of variables, including: the intensity of the shoot and pressure or responsibility of the work. Such work, where the crew are on their feet all day, with minimal breaks, late nights / early starts or very high-pressured work may be priced at a higher rate. Pricing is based on our competition rates and takes into account industry standard fees. Overheads such as software subscription, equipment maintenance and upkeep are factors used to determine our current rates.

2.7 We are within our right to increase / decrease our rates at any time but will not make pricing modifications during the course of an ongoing project.

2.8 Any preparation time or meetings are subject to be charged at a daily rate or an hourly rate depending on the size of the project.

2.9 For Charity work we are happy to offer a 10% reduction to our fee where applicable.


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